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An open-label, randomized, window of opportunity study between diagnosis and definite surgery, to assess the effect of endocrine therapies with and without progesterone (prometrium) in patients with early stage ER+PR+ breast cancer

Recruiting at: 

St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst (NSW), Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown (NSW), Campbelltown Hospital, Campelltown (NSW), Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga (NSW)

- Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville (Vic.)

- Calvary North Adelaide Hospital, North Adelaide (SA)

Primary Investigator: A/Professor Elgene Lim

Clinical trial registerACTRN12618000928213

This ‘window’ study is examining a combination of hormone treatments that may be useful as pre-surgery treatment for breast cancer. Women with newly diagnosed ER positive PR positive breast cancer who are post-menopausal may be eligible for inclusion. Participants will be randomly allocated into one of three hormone treatment arms and will receive treatment for a two-week period in between an initial biopsy and breast surgery. 

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